Mr. Chandan Kumar

Senior Associate

Biography of Mr. Chandan Kumar

An astute lawyer ( a law graduate from campus law centre, Delhi University) with vast gamut of knowledge in labour laws, property and matrimonial laws and enjoying the vast ken of experience in dealing with variegated litigations. Endowed with legal acumen and perspicacity for drafting plaints, writs, appeals, written statement, counter-affidavit, bail applications etc and various legal instruments as per procedure. Proven track record of having secured judgments in favor of clients in many cases. Appeared in Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, Allahabad High Court, Civil Courts, National Industrial Tribunal (NIT) Mumbai & Kolkata and various Central Government Industrial Tribunals. Authored a book on Press Law and also a book 'Role of cultural elements in enriching Indian Democracy' which enjoyed a good deal of readership.